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What is my username for UFIFCO?

All FIFCO employees have already been given a Username for UFIFCO. Your Username and Password are the same as your Microsoft 365 credentials (the information you use to log in to your email from a browser.) Once logged into UFIFCO for the first time, you will remain logged in unless you log out from Microsoft.

I can not remember my microsoft 365 account

If you do not know or do not remember your Microsoft 365 account e-mail: helpdesk@nabreweries.com or call: 585-300-4927 Monday-Friday 8 am-5pm for assistance.

Can I access UFIFCO on my phone?

Yes you can! You can log in with your phone or any other device if you have an Internet connection. The use of a computer may be recommended for certain courses or programs. You will be notified where applicable.

Why do i need permission to enroll in some courses?

Once you apply, your request will be reviewed and enrollment will be provided when applicable.

I cannot see the course when I click on it.

This usually happens when your computer is blocking pop-up windows. Try to turn this feature off on your browser. If you cannot turn off the pop-up blocker, or are still experiencing issues with this turned off, reach out to the IT help desk at email: helpdesk@nabreweries.com or call: 585-300-4927 Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm EST for assistance. 

Why does the course read as "Not Completed" after I have finished it?

Each course has a specific requirement to be considered “complete”, such as watching the course until the last slide, completing a quiz, or finishing an activity. Be sure to check the instructions and complete all the requirements to mark the course as “Completed.”

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